DesertsKids are wild about deserts! These 50-plus games, activities, and experiments are an enormous amount of fun whether you live near the Mohave Desert in California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada or near the New Jersey turnpike. Every continent boasts deserts and young children will enjoy exploring the various types found around the world-from the hot and dry to the coastal, semiarid, and even polar. They will love learning about this strange and often misunderstood environment that is home to camels, rattlesnakes, and kangaroos, vast sand dunes, ancient cacti, and quicksand. Kids will be delighted to find out all the creative ways plants and animals have adapted to survive the beautiful but harsh desert environment.

Reviews and Awards:

“Whether the topic is Mongolian gerbils or the “People of the Veil”, DESERTS provides a wonderful introduction to the world’s deserts in a stimulating context that will both educate and excite the target six- to nine-ear olds, their parents, and their teachers.” Science Books & Films, Sept/Oct 2004

Science Books and Films – Best Books For Children 2004

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