The World That Feeds Us

Discover How Our Food Is Produced In A Sustainable Way


Where does our food come from? Is farming different around the world? With Ginnie Hsu’s beautiful illustrations and text by Nancy Castaldo, THE WORLD THAT FEEDS US readers will follow sustainable farming around the world to discover how farmers from Hawaii to Sweden grow the fresh and tasty food we enjoy eating.

Like THE FARM THAT FEEDS US, this sequel title contains a glossary of key agricultural terms and ways readers can get involved with protecting the planet while eating tasty and nutritious food.


Published in the US & UK by Quarto and Germany by  Knesebeck.



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Behind the Book:

I love visiting farms around the country and around the world. Farmers are doing so much to keep us and our planet healthy! One of the fun things I was able to add to this book was information I gathered from my recent visit to Sicily. I’m Sicilian and getting to know how farmers grow and produce food in a challenging climate brings me back to my roots. You can find a bit about the special growing conditions of tomatoes in THE WORLD THAT FEEDS US.

“A thorough and fascinating look at food production that is certain to bring readers a new sense of gratitude towards food producers for the food on their plate.” Children’s Books Ireland

‘an engaging, important book that presents the challenges and opportunities facing the world that feeds us.’―The School Librarian

‘A clear and engaging guide to sustainable food production with lovely illustrations.’ – The Sunday Times