The Farm That Feeds Us

A year in the life of an organic farm

Where does our food come from? What role do farms play? What’s it like to be a farmer? In this book with beautiful illustrations from Ginnie Hsu, readers will follow a small-scale, organic farm throughout the year to discover how the farmer produces fresh, tasty food for us all in a sustainable and natural way.


Published in the US & UK by Quarto, France by Kimone, Germany by DK Verlag, and in Italy by Slow Food Editore

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Honors and Awards:

California Reading Association Eureka Nonfiction Silver Honor

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Behind the Book:

My interest in growing food started when I was just a toddler in love with the book What Shall I Put in the Hole that I Dig. Growing up in New York’s Hudson Valley gave me plenty of farm experiences. It wasn’t until my daughter began working at a local farm that I really began to look at agriculture differently. I became more aware of heirloom varieties, sustainable practices, and how climate change has impacted our food security. THE FARM THAT FEEDS US takes a look at one farm through the seasons. It’s inspired by the local farms I visit and purchase much of my food.

“An engaging resource that will appeal to a variety of elementary audiences, plant lovers, and farm machinery lovers alike.” —Sara Jurek, School Library Journal 

“This engagingly illustrated guide to all sorts of farms and the things that live and grow on them has a Richard Scarry ‘busytown’ kind of vibe. It tallies fruits that grow in orchards, and vegetables that can be harvested in early spring or later in the summer. It also offers in-depth looks at types of tractors, varietals of corn and pumpkin, and ways to manage pests without chemicals–plus scads of info about honeybees and other pollinators. If your child wasn’t interested in becoming a farmer before she reads this book, she will be afterwards.” —Lela Nargi, Sierra Magazine

“Colorful and intimate.” –Midwest Book Review