Authors for Earth Day School Visit


Calling All Librarians, Media Specialists and Teachers:

Would you like to host a special author event at your school? To promote the importance of our Earth, I’m offering one unique author visit this year. As a participant in Authors for Earth Day , I will be donating 50% of my day’s speaking fee to a conservation organization and the donation recipient will be decided by a student vote at the school I visit.

This is my way to join hands with educators in a celebration of literacy and conservation, and to inspire students make a positive impact on the world. Here’s how it works:

1. We schedule a school visit. I only book ONE of these special events a year and it will go to the first school that confirms a date.

2. A month before my visit, I will send you five “nominee” organizations from my latest book Sniffer Dogs: How Dogs (and Their Noses) Save The World for your students to research. This list of non-profit sniffer dog organizations will have brief details about how they help, plus websites so the kids can make educated votes.

3. On the day of my author visit, the kids will vote for whichever organization they think is most deserving of my donation. The ballots (paperless, if possible) will be tallied to determine the donation recipient. At day’s end, we will announce the winning organization!

4. I will write a check to the winning non-profit in honor of the school. NOTE: The school pays me in the normal fashion and I make the donation.

If you have an interest in hosting my Authors for Earth Day event to educate your students with this unique author experience, please check your school calendar for an available day, and then contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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