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Hard to Find

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Sunny Days and Starry Nights

* More than 65 irresistible, age-appropriate activities enhance a child’s budding curiosity about nature. * Learn about the senses-feeling wind, rain, sand, and sunshine on faces and bare feet; tasting rain; listening to wind, birds, and insects; and of course watching clouds, shadows, falling leaves, and snowflakes. * Encourage early learning skills, including color identification, […]

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Kids are wild about deserts! These 50-plus games, activities, and experiments are an enormous amount of fun whether you live near the Mohave Desert in California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada or near the New Jersey turnpike. Every continent boasts deserts and young children will enjoy exploring the various types found around the world-from the hot […]

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North America boasts a surprising number of rainforests, including El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico, Olympic National Forest in Washington State, Chugah and Tonga National Forests in Alaska, and the forests in Hawaii. Rainforests: An Activity Guide takes kids through the common layers of the rainforest, from the forest floor to above the enclosed […]

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River Wild

Kids will delight in learning about the formation of rivers, the water cycle, and the variety of habitats that exist along the length of a river in this introduction to the precious natural resource of rivers. All major rivers that run through the United States, Canada, and Mexico are discussed in regional chapters, including the […]

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Leap Into Space

Leap Into Space and learn the interconnectivity of the universe through intriguing experiments, comic illustrations, amazing facts, spectacular photos of space, and ideas for things to do. Leap Into Space is packed with fantastic things to think about, unusual experiments to try, and the key to opening the door to a limitless future. Leap Into […]

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Keeping Our Earth Green

Keeping Our Earth Green provides readers with over 100 hands-on ways to help save the Earth. Discover facts about pollution, global warming, biofuels, and much more. Try experiments at home or in a classroom. Read about the cool things being done to help our planet. Discover Earth Heroes – real people who have made a […]

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News Test

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