Back From The Brink: Saving Animals From Extinction



How could capturing the last wild California condors help save them? Why are some states planning to cull populations of the gray wolf, despite this species only recently making it off the endangered list? How did a decision made during the Civil War to use alligator skin for cheap boots nearly drive the animal to extinction? 

Back from the Brink answers these questions and more as it delves into the threats to seven species, and the scientific and political efforts to coax them back from the brink of extinction. This rich, informational look at the problem of extinction has a hopeful tone: all of these animals’ numbers are now on the rise. 

On shelves April, 2018!



*”[Castaldo] offers solid, meaningful suggestions for young readers […] including many, many learning opportunities: things to watch and read, organizations to investigate, websites and parks to explore. Challenging but important reading for the intended audience.”–Kirkus, STARRED review

“An intimate and optimistic look at humans’ ability to protect the planet’s biodiversity.”–Publishers Weekly

*”Readers will be moved by Castaldo’s appreciation for these animals.”–Booklist, STARRED review





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