BACK FROM THE BRINK Gets a Nerdie Award!

Thanks, Nerdy Book Club, for recognizing BACK FROM THE BRINK on the Long Form Nonfiction List this year! It is truly an honor to be included in such a wonderfully diverse award list.

“At a moment in history when the Endangered Species Act is under siege, Back from the Brink kindles interest and commitment towards preserving animal diversity in the natural world. Castaldo describes how many different factors have pushed seven species towards extinction and illustrates what has been done to reverse this trend. A complex web of circumstances: climate, geography, predators, food, and politics hold these animals’ lives in the balance. Creative thinking on the part of scientists and environmental activists has resulted in solutions that will surprise (and delight) readers young and old. Remarkable photographs taken by the author herself accompany these compelling stories.–CJ” 

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